Friday, July 31, 2009

Personal Update...

I haven’t really been posting much about what’s going at my own house lately. Long time readers know I have been living through a massive renovation that has grown by leaps and bounds since embarking on the project last April but I've been pretty mum about it here.


The original scope was to stick to the first floor, but sure enough we spread the chaos to the basement and second floor and have ended up with a complete remodel. It wouldn't have been so bad if we weren't living in the house, but of course, we are.


After a year and a half I’m happy to report there is finally an end in sight and it is almost all done -- but because the designer will be submitting the house to some publications for consideration and most magazines demand first-rights to publish, I will not be allowed to post too much just yet.

To give you an idea of what it looks like, here is a pretty vignette I styled in the family room:


And here is my arrangement of colour-coordinated cookbooks in the kitchen desk nook.


I can share, however, some more details on a recent addition to my own room:


Design bloggers went nuts over the cloth cover editions of penguin classic novels that Design*Sponge posted months ago. Imagine my delight when I found them in my local Indigo store! I snapped up 6 of the 10 titles. Don’t they look cute next to my porcelain pineapple?


I'd also be remiss to not share some exciting news that will definitely be talked about on the blog in the months to come: I have decided it is time to move in with my significant other and cohabitate!

Next spring we will be moving into an apartment together and that means I'll have my very own place to furnish and decorate. I am beyond excited and will definitely be filling you in on my progress.


Janice K. said...

to die for - who is the lucky guy? ;) -Janice

kay* said...

when i saw the first 'after' photo i immediately thought 'canadian house and home' :)

congrats on the big decision to cohabitate! how exciting - can't wait to see how you decide to decorate and your awesome craig's finds.