Thursday, July 9, 2009

Evolution Baby!

I don’t know how I ever missed Evolution in the past as it totally brings out the nature and anthropology geek in me.


Dubbed as “art and science in Soho,” this store holds an array of curiosities from the natural world that range from the expected to the truly bizarre.


After being greeted by the skeleton parked outside the front stoop, your eyes are instantly overwhelmed by the large display of skulls, insects, fossils and other expired organisms (both real and faux)



These geode bookends ($60) were gorgeous! What a way to add a pop of colour to a bookshelf. I would have taken home the pink pair for my sister’s room if they hadn’t been so heavy.


I have always been entranced by butterfly displays and was pleased to see such an amazing selection of beautiful affordable species.

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Upstairs are the more freaky items, such as taxidermy heads, snakes, birds and smaller mammals. There are even human skulls on display- creepy!


In the end I settled on taking home a long-awaited butterfly display for only $19! (a far cry from the price of these babies on vivre that I’ve had my eye on forever)


If you’re more riveted than revolted by nature, than you should check out Evolution’s online store for a sample of their natural ware


ShockTheBourgeois said...

Wow, thank you so much for posting this. I am an avid curiosity seeker- and I've never seen a store like this before. I might pass this along in my blog (and link to your post)...

Naturally I'll be passing this along to my boyfriend, since I've got a birthday coming up. Framed bat? Pretty please?

Michele said...

So much death in one store. I'm not okay!
However, I do LOVE the bookends, too!

paige said...

i loove this store.. it takes all my power not to stock up a full suitcase of mysterious nature products for various craft projects on each visit!

Anonymous said...
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