Monday, August 17, 2009

Alexa Hampton Vanity Lust

I am so in love with the Stephanie Vanity Desk from Alexa Hampton's Hickory Chair collection. What a glamorous place to type away on your laptop or primp at!  The straight tapered legs are strong and masculine but the gilded circular motif softens the looks and adds that opulent girly touch- so divine!


After drooling over the pricey piece, I serendipitously stumbled upon the console pictured below on craigslist and was instantly reminded of my lust object.


I have since made arrangements to make it mine. The seller bought it at an estate sale in New York years ago and is willing to part with it for a steal so whether I keep it painted as is or refinish it in a different palette, I am happy to have a versatile piece with great lines.

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Laura Holland said...

The Stephanie Vanity is even better in person than it is in photography! I have seen it finished in dozens of various finish options. Alexa has great taste and with Hickory Chair's ability to make these one at a time in any finish you want they are the perfect piece to accentuate your room!