Monday, August 10, 2009

Fall Shopping Has Begun!

The weather in Toronto has been so utterly crappy these past couple of months that it feels like we skipped summer. Instead we’ve had a very long balmy spring so contemplating Fall clothing feels wrong even if the timing is technically right.

A weekend trip to Yorkville with the aim of scouting out some Fall wear included a stop at the GAP, whose retooled line of denim ushered in by creative director Patrick Robinson has garnered quite the chit chat in the fashion rags.


Before I could even make it to the jeans though, my heart fluttered over this great Double-breasted blazer, $98. I love the contrasting pinstripe lining when the cuffs are rolled, plus the brass buttons are so preppy. Every magazine has shown the boyfriend blazer over everything from an LBD to skinny jeans so I eagerly snapped this version up to complement my more existing formal version from last season.


I also tried on their new curvy jeans that are cut to fit a girl’s hips and have good stretch, but I have to go to a different location to find the wash I want in the shorter length (short and curvy- that’s me!) For less than 70 bucks, it’s worth the trip for a pair that fits this well and is comfy to boot!


Percy Chatsworth said...

I didn't get to see your lovely self at Gap! I am back there (Anthro was terrible!). I worked on the men's floor Saturday from 4-9PM, I'm sorry to have missed you!

Percy Chatsworth said...

I forgot to add that you bought one of the best women's items this season, that blazer looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

shuey wants those jeans...

shit i hope u cant see my IP now or else you'll know i'm such a stalker!! xoxo