Thursday, August 6, 2009

Textbook Advice...

This Fall I will be taking my first more general course on Interior Decorating for my certificate. I am quite excited to look at the practice from a holistic perspective. So far my experiences with perspective drawing and drafting have proven challenging so I'm hoping this course will be less technical and more creative and conceptual.


Having said that, I've read about Cathy Whitlock's Re-de-sign: New Directions for Your Interior Design Career and am wondering if any of you have picked it up yet? Is there anyone in blogland who can tell me if it's a worthy purchase? It 'aint cheap so I'd like to know if people have found it useful.

Please let me know!

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millie said...

Hello, I'm Millie from Montenegro,Europe. I really like your blog,it's very inspirative for me. Recently,I've started bloging too,it's so much joy. But,wanted to ask u something. There are no decorating and design courses in my country,we have to go to university to get architecture diploma to work as a designer too.My profession is graphic design,but my dream career always was interior design and decorating. I found Sheffield university where I could get my certificate
Do you know anything about that school,is it ok? if you know anyone who could know something about it,please let me know. I would appreciate any information.
thank u