Monday, August 17, 2009

Le Sportsac Le Rips Off John Robshaw

While browsing through my sister's Teen Vogue I was caught off guard by this familiar-looking advertisement from Le Sportsac:


It is a complete recreation of the John Robshaw ad, except they swapped the jolly-looking Indian man for a blonde PYT and stuffed the vintage white car with handbags instead of cushions.


I know they are advertising two totally different products but come on -- there is just a little too much in common going on here!

What do you guys think?  


Brim said...

Whoa! Total rip-off! I agree! No original ideas left in the world for advertisers?

Jackie Von Tobel said...

That's a pretty blatant rip off down to the color of the bags and the style of car chosen. Put that down to lazy art direction. Couldn't they come up with an original idea?

By the way the JR add still kicks the Le Sack ads a$$.

paige said...

good eye! and yes, total rip off.... but it happens all the time, shame.