Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to School…Well for Brunch Anyways

One of my recent additions to my favourite brunch roster is School Bakery and Cafe in Liberty Village.


Helmed by Brad Moore of Xacutti and Eleven fame, this themed eatery has great fun with the classroom concept-  but luckily the restaurant doesn’t rely on gimmicks. School serves up delicious brunch with friendly service and great atmosphere.


The décor of School transports you back into homeroom, complete with chalkboards, vintage typewriters and other educational paraphernalia that is meant to make patrons chuckle.


The creative menu (typed on lined paper attached to clipboards no less!) offers amazing sandwiches, waffles, pancakes and other favourites with a unique twist and lovely presentation.


The heavenly Georgia Peach pancakes were divine with their fluffy whipped cream and tender peach topping, chewy walnuts and delicate peach butter.


For savoury  lovers, the chipotle biscuit sandwich was soft, supple and satisfying. The mix of regular and sweet potatoes in the homefries is pleasant, but the best part is the flavorful chewy biscuit itself.


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