Monday, July 21, 2008

Fall Fashion Preview

When I'm in NYC, I channel my inner energizer bunny and alternate shopping and eating, ultimately preparing to indulge my taste buds, lighten my wallet and overload my Canadian customs form. I usually throw in some culture, such as the MET or a show on broadway, but usually my objective is to replenish my wardrobe.

It's not that my life revolves around shopping, but my strategy is to do the bulk of my shopping in the states. The prices and selection are ten times better -- Canada has only one great upscale department store -- so us Canucks like to take advantage of Barney’s, Bergdorfs, Saks etc (when in Rome)

Lucky for me, the timing of this NYC trip coincided with the first offerings of the Fall collections. I am excited to share three of my favourite picks that I snapped up:

As you can tell I'm very into sweater dresses, especially ones with unusual details, such as the pearled neckline and oversized cowl neck on my picks above.

The Nanette looks awesome with my new patent booties - I wish I could wear it right now!

Sometimes I think I'm crazy for longing for fall weather so I can put all my knits, boots, hats and scarves on- but Fall is prob my favourite season so I don't feel that guilty. Snow on the other hand....ew


Nat said...

Love the Malandrino dress and those shoes scream your name! Marlie's dress that she wore to your Mom's party is very cool too. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

mmm obsessed with the black nanette!! so hottie

guess who!!

Anonymous said...

i'd hit that

guess who!! (not cristian 'potty mouth' bale)