Friday, July 25, 2008

Onion Soup Dumplings

Yes they do exist! I could barely contain my excitement when I saw this culinary creation on the menu as onion soup is a fave, as are dumplings in any shape or form.

NYC- July08 (21)

Visit the Stanton Social in NYC’s Lower East Side to eat them live and in person!


Michele said...

I feel as though I would die at this. Please tell me more...are they just croutons dipped in onion soup and scattered with cheese pre baking? Or is there soup underneath there....I'm confused, but still drooling.

Nat said...

hahaha I'm with Foster on this way - delish!
It looks like the croutons are covered with cheese and resting patiently on top of the soup, waiting to be devoured.

Jessica Claire said...

they're actual fritters with onion soup, mainly the cooked onions and a little broth, somehow injected into the dough. They bake with the cheese on top and are beyond