Monday, July 14, 2008

Scrapbooking and Other Party Prep...

Scrapbooking should really be called wallet-emptying.

As any decorative paper and sticker enthusiast knows, making a scrapbook is a labour of love and an expensive one at that.

This weekend I easily blew over 300 dollars having 5 batches of photos made, picking up about 9 rolls of double sided tape, buying the actual album, picking out the hoards of embellished stickers and numerous pads of petty paper – all in the name of producing an original one-of-a-kind creation for my mom’s 50th birthday.

After 0ver 12 hours of being hunched over my desk with a paper cutter, stacks of photos and a littering of adhesive backings on the floor, I can say it was so worth it.

Tomorrow it will be used as a sign-in book for the 200 some guests attending the blow out bash I’ve been planning with her friends in her honour.

My mom is the kind of gal who doesn't enjoy being the centre of attention but you only turn 50 once, and if anyone deserves it, she cute is she holding a baby jessica claire?

I’ll be MIA over the next few days as I prep but don’t worry, I’ll obvs share pics of the party and the homemade sign-in book once I recover!

Wish me luck!!!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with your wallet-emptying comment in your post. I have to often tease my husband how his "hobbies" are just as wallet-emptying to justify my $300 scrapbooking purchases! Have fun making your album, and just know the process will be so wonderful! The people you share your memories with will enjoy them for a lifetime!

{this is glamorous} said...

The photo of you and your mom is adorable. Good luck with the festivities!