Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nova Scotia Recap: Part 2

After our wildlife-filled tour of Cape Breton Island, Dave and I made our way to the cultural capital of Nova Scotia: Halifax. Armed with suggestions of places to eat and things to do courtesy of friends who attended Dalhousie University in the city, we set off on the metropolitan portion of our trip.

The farmer's market located on the grounds of the Alexander Keith's Brewery was by far my favourite Halifax experience. Fresh produce, cheeses and flowers stood side-by-side with butcher stalls and freshly baked breads. Local artisans selling their handmade wares mingled with stalls selling tea and hollistic lotions and I didn't know where to go first as all the sights and smells totally overwhelmed me.

In the end Dave and I settled on extra old gouda, fresh chevre with chives, sticky cinnamon buns and a loaf of olive sourdough bread washed down with hot apple cider - all to enjoy across the market by the ocean. We continued the day by enjoying yet another fish'n'chips meal by the harbourfront, which was beautiful and filled with some of the biggest seagulls I have ever seen.

We also returned to the brewery grounds for a tour of Alexander Keith's legendary brew house, which was not what we expected to say the least. Rather than simply explaining the process of beer-making and simple history of Keith, it was a total multi-media was a time-warp with characters speaking gaelic and singing songs...we kind of died inside but it was oddly fun and you got 2 glasses of ale to sample so we couldn't complain.

Our last night in Nova Scotia was spent just outside of Peggy's Cove, a popular tourist spot and fishing village. Watching fisherman do their thing was pretty cool and the views of the old boats by the ocean were so charming.

Our inn in Indian Harbour was comfortable, minus an ant-infestation, and the grounds were undeniably gorgeous. When we arrived guests from a wedding were checking out and I totally understood why someone would want their special day to be held at such a beautiful spot.

That's it for my vacay recap but I do recommend checking out Nova Scotia if you're looking for an affordable getaway. Feel free to e-mail me with any specific questions or suggestions!

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jordana said...

the pics are so scenic and prets! nice job with the new cam!
much love from the land of OZ!