Monday, July 21, 2008

A Party Doesn't Throw Itself

After months of planning, my mom's 50th birthday bash happened last week and I'm happy to say it was a huge hit! As my mom credited me, her chief party planner in her speech, "a party doesn't throw itself"and truer words have never been spoken in the case of throwing a soirée for 200 peeps with high expectations

Thanks to help from the wonderful team at Circa, North 44 my dad and my mother's friends, we put on a great night for my mom, who finally got a well-deserved night of drinking and dancing in her honour

The 70s theme translated well in the Italian deco ballroom at Circa, which Peter Gatien opened to great fanfare last Fall. The Studio 50 regalia, unreal food and custom sundae bar honouring my mom's devotion to DQ made the night one to remember -- not to mention the troop of fantastic performing artists from Hit and Run, who whirled around on roller skates, performed in point shoes and added super retro sparkle!

Here are some pics of the fab fête:

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