Monday, March 2, 2009

Sensational Safari Moments: Take 1


It's not everyday you're given the chance to fly across the world to witness nature first hand in all of its explicit glory. I have been to my share of zoos, hung out plenty with my various pets, and viewed my share of discovery channel and animal planet docs, but all of my past liaisons with the natural world were put to shame when my family and I ventured to South Africa for a whirlwind vacation.


I cannot attempt to squeeze our days in the majestic country into a single post, so I'll split them between the more urban element: Cape Town and the more rugged, our Safari in Sabi Sands in Kruger (although when I share photos of our accommodations rugged is probably the last word that will come to mind)


Because the wildlife photos are too gorgeous to not post right away, here are some of my favourite photographs my mother and I took on our brand new digital SLR:

IMG_2442 IMG_2557 IMG_2492 IMG_2466IMG_2511

When you think Africa, you think lions! Luckily we had our fair share of sightings of both males and females. Having them stalk right by our jeep was a little scary considering they are the king of beasts- but boy are those maned-males magnificent!

IMG_3955 IMG_3968

When my dad spotted this chameleon on the side of the road he was acid green. He was so miffed to be picked up for a closer look by our trusty guide Paddy that he turned black – just like a mood ring!

IMG_3685 IMG_3692

This baby hyena wanted to see the world from a different view at dusk.


There is nothing cuter than a baby elephant.

IMG_3433 IMG_3891 

Driving through the river is perfectly safe when the levels and current are right, but unfortunately one of the neighboring lodges’ drivers got a little too carried away! (literally- bad joke, and no worries - apparently no one was hurt except the jeep and the ranger’s pride)

IMG_3793 IMG_3804

There are zebra hides everywhere for sale in South Africa but I think zebra are much prettier running about by the river. Especially when they are precious little ponies!


Reclining rhino pauses mid-mud bath and tries out a new floor cushion.


Michelle said...

Welcome back, your trip looks amazing! Can't wait to see more.

kay* said...

wow! gorgeous pics jess. can't wait to read more about your adventure - it looks amazing!


The zebras are absolutely gorgeous! Nice pics Jess!

Nat said...

Jess, I wrote those comments, not Jamie. He was using my computer earlier so he was logged into his google name.