Friday, March 13, 2009

Dr. Stuart Divinely Designed Teas

I am a tea freak. The sense of ritual, the calming aromas, the varied flavours - I am always on the look out for new brands of tea and the great packaging that often accompanies it.


Dr. Stuart's line of teas is a new discovery I stumbled upon when taking out lunch in whole foods.  While taking a short cut to the soup bar my eyes caught  sight of the clever illustrations on each box and I just had to stop and play.


Designed by Pearlfisher, I am totally charmed by the witty illustrations tailoured to each tea's medicinal purpose. I picked up the Detox Tea (encapsulated so perfectly by the pink-heeled lady above) for when a coworker and I start a week-long cleanse.


Michele said...

Cute illustrations, but I'm kinda anti the whole thing. Marketing laxatives as a way to get skinny = unhealthy and dangerous advertising! And showing a woman with an empty stomach normalizes the idea that starving ourselves is a positive and normal practice. A detox shouldn't mean starving, and that's not what they should be depicting! Sorry to rag on the products, but I think it's really important not to be duped into items that present and support unhealthy ideas to women - regardless of their packaging!

Jessica Claire said...

I totally disagree - these teas promote health by sipping on herbs, such as Dandelion root for liver cleaning and liquorice root to help move your digestion system along to relieve constipation

the illustration of the woman with a hole in her stomach is not saying you should not eat - it's meant to look so her stomach is an open washing machine, indicating you can use these herbs as a natural way to help wash out your insides of toxins by sipping on natural herbs

Michele said...

Depends how you look at it I guess - but her stomach is still empty, and a stomach shouldn't be empty on a detox! Also, if they're promoting the use of herbs then there are better ways to express that rather than marketing their tea as a laxative.

Maisy said...

A quick you know whether they sell apple & ginger tea of Dr.Stuart where you bought your tea? If so where did you get it?