Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Salad Bowls, Birthdays and One Sucky Rip Off


My mother yelled at me in December when I asked her if she thought the Margherita Salad bowl by Missoni was a reasonable birthday gift suggestion to hint to my boyfriend for my 24th. Depending on who you ask, I am tough to buy for -  so when I spotted the bowl and noted it was within the standard b-day gift price range I thought it'd be a perfect fit



Yes, it was technically a salad bowl, but it's the prettiest salad bowl I have ever seen! I defended my choice to my mom saying I could fill it with various odds and ends in my bedroom until moving out and being able to use it for perma-display in my future kitchen, but I was still shot down.

I have since chosen a tad more of a conventional gift suggestion, but of course have continued to lust over the entire Margherita line - which brings me to the next part of this post title:

I recently made my maiden voyage to Amara, the online UK retailer with a fab selection of the Missoni Home product line. I of course noticed that they carried miss margherita, so curiousity begged me to click on the link and see what they were charging for my lust item. And do you know how much they list the bowl at?  £134.09!!!!

Bloomie's is only charging $131 USD. I'm no currency converter genius but that is over $50 dollars cheaper than what Amara's asking for the exact same bowl. Rip off!  When the magical time comes to actually purchase a piece of margherita* I guess I know where I'll be going...


* I may have to buy myself a tea cup and saucer one of these days...and the tea pot....and the sugar bowl....and the creamer....


Everything Fabulous said...

Love them all! I can certainly get a few to add to my collection!!!

tinkalicious said...

darling, I have a totally unnecessary collection of tea pots, tea cups, milk and cream jugs and sugar dispensers, but they are all exquisite and beautiful and I love them for their beauty.
Collect what you love and they will give you joy forever

The Goods Design said...

I am in love with all things Missoni home. I saw a throw recently that I can't get out of my head!

Andrew Hood said...

Jessica, as the owner/manager of Amara I thought it appropriate to respond to your blog. Because we take customer feedback very seriously we are already investigating why retail prices in Europe appear to be a lot higher than the U.S; Missoni have promised to investigate as we have no desire to appear as a "rip off". I will of course let you know the outcome (and if possible cut our prices).