Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green With Equestrian Envy


I've always been a sucker for old school Polo gear. It just oozes preppy class and my colour-loving brain tends to gravitate right towards the eye-popping hues. Combine that with my dedication to checking out any new collections on Ralph Lauren's Home site and you get: Modern Equestrian. The touches of leather, rainbow palette and horseshoe theme may seem like a little much, but if you were to mix in an accessory here or a throw pillow there, it could add a touch of class to your space.


My favourite pick from the collection is the Polo Player Throw Pillow, $795.00 although my first loves are the green and navy printed blanket and throw pillow pictured in the top photo first (don't see them for sale on the site though)


PS- how awesome is the newest Ralph Lauren paint ad? Love the colours - love the styling - love the riding boots perched next to the bench - it gets an A+!

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royalApothic said...

Love the new header....been following for a while and finally posting a comment. The pillows are amazing, saw them in the store the other day and they definitely add a touch of prep!