Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Fashion Week Toronto

It may be Fall fashion week here in Toronto, but spring is around the corner so spring is what I’m going to post! Here are some of my favourite pieces from the new spring collections of our homegrown designers…


First up is veteran Canadian fashion designer Linda Lundström’s super-luxe “¾ Singing in the Rain Coat” and her “tuck n’tie dress” (so would have been perfect for the safari!)


On the more fierce side of fashion, is Carrie Hayes. I love her structured Corraline wrap dress, the gorgeous neckline of the era-licious Plume dress and the eccentric glamour of the Avifauna cocktail dress.

image imageimage

Carlie Wong’s vintage-esque spring collection’s standout is the tuxedo-inspired get-up below. I could never wear it but I can certainly want it!


Lastly, I think these sheaths from Comrags are darling and sweet. You wouldn’t want to go too retro with the accessories for fear of looking like an extra from the Mad Men set, but mixing these dresses in with some modern touches could be a perfect marriage of old and new.


If anyone makes it to the shows let me know how they go! I’m prepping for another Israel Museum event next week and deep in the midst of drafting homework for my interior design night classes so I’m sitting out for this one…


kay* said...

jess i'd love to hear more about your interior design night classes - where are you taking them and are you enjoying them? drop me an email privately at my hotmail :)

Canvas Printing said...

Happy Fashion Week Toronto! Speaking of fashion, I'm loving those dresses from Comrags. The Corraline wrap dress is a must have in any woman's wardrobe.

Anonymous said...
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