Thursday, August 7, 2008

Artist Spotlight: David Mach

I couldn’t help but research the collage seen in Josh Groban’s home featured in July’s In Style. It screamed “fun!” with its kitschy pop imagery and bright colours.


A quick google search of London-based artist David Mach led to me to several of his works. Ranging from sculpture made of matches and coat hangers to humongous art installations of sumo wrestlers, Mach’s work is based on playful uses of iconic images.

Here are my favourite mixed media collages:

image Palace de Plaisir – Plage (2003)

image Marilyn with Mao (2007)

image Icebreaker (2005)

image All The Kings Men (2007)

Trafalgar Square Grand Prix (2001)

imageComposition with Black Lines (2008)


Edinburgh Castle Nudes (2000)

(Image of Josh Groban via In Style )


design for mankind. said...

Oh wow! You're so right! :)

Michele said...

I love it!!! So eralicious, wom!!

Nat said...

Icebreaker & Trafalgar Grand Prix would look great above my white couch!