Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ou Est Le Bibliotheque?

Why you're sitting in it of course!


Nobody & Co combined a chair and a book shelf to form the aptly titled bibliochaise. This funky seat houses up to 5 metres of books, which doesn't mean much to me as how often do you measure your books with a yard stick - but it sure looks snazzy!

It comes in 2 models:

1) Bibliochaise Home


water varnished in white, black or aubergine, with cotton cushions with removable covers in a wide range of colours.

2) La Bibliochaise +


veneered in oak tinted wengé or tinted black, with a wax finish and leather cushions with removable covers in a wide range of colours.

Would you buy one?


Bayjb said...

I would maybe get the ottoman but not the chair. I like to collapse in my chairs and it doesn't look overly comfortable. I'm very intrigued by this though. How much?

Nat said...

Yeah I love the concept and would totally buy one! It's a great way to save space since you no longer need a bookshelve. Do they sell these in Toronto? I can see Umbra making a knock off in the near future.

Pascale said...

Je n'avais jamais vue ce genre de fauteuil, c'est très originale et pratique. merci de me l'avoir fair découvrir

Michele said...

I think the ottoman (which I previously thought was spelled automan) is funny. See? Your blog can be both entertaining and educational. Thanks for the spelling lesson.