Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Pastel Palette


Just as I melt in the face of perfectly packaged pastel Laduree macaroons, I swoon over the soft and girlish home of gallery owner Katie Ukrop featured in August’s Domino.


The look of Ukrop’s row house in Virginia is bright and soothing -- like an elegant and dainty salon fit for any Marie Antoinette seeking a moment of respite.


Although a gorgeous home through and through, the kitchen is probably my absolute favourite with its white-washed cabinetry, stunning breakfast table and fabulous gas stove.


It’s all so warm and delicate that I cannot imagine a hetero-male living happily here without intermissions of some grit and gryme --- indeed as I suspected, her husband spends a lot of time in the detached alley garage with his big TV…sounds like someone else I know who lives with all women

(Images of Ukrop’s home via Domino, macaroons via Laduree and Marie Antoinette via NY times)

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