Monday, August 11, 2008

Elizabeth and James at Holts

imageUsed to the dazzling variety and sheer volume of merchandise offered in American designer department stores, I'm not too impressed with the selection offered at home-grown Canadian counterpart Holt Renfrew.

Sure Holt's carries American and international designers too, but the collection is usually quite edited and never goes on sale as much or as often in the states.

I was quite surprised then to see items from the Elizabeth and James collection on Holt's website that I hadn't yet seen anywhere else.

When the line from Mary Kate and Ashley was initially released, I didn't expect to take to the pint-sized creators' visions as I usually find them to look like spindly bag ladies who have never heard of make up remover.


imageSomehow my heart has warmed to the twins though, as I find myself coveting some of their fall collection, including the  burgundy Belinda Dress,$325 , the ruffled Dahlia Dress, $495, the handsome Cape Coat,$865 and last but not least, the feminine Josephine party Dress ($495)

While I don't expect I can pull off these edgier designs as well as the teensy twins, I can at least try them on once Bloor street starts to get the pieces in.

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Lee said...

I LOVE the elizabeth & James collection. Mary-Kate and Ashley are doing an amazing job. this line is soooo much better than other contemporary lines. these girls work their butts off when they could be doing nothing. i admire them