Monday, August 11, 2008

Beauty is my Business: Listerine Quick Dissolving Whitening Strips

image I’ve always been a generally smiley person, so when a local marketing company asked me to try Listerine Quick Dissolving Whitening Strips I figured why not –- my smile may as well be sparkling and white as opposed to dull and yellow!

I know a lot of you out there are teeth whitening junkies so here’s my experience with some of the newest whitening technology on the market:


The package claims the strips take approximately 5-10 minutes to dissolve, breaking down the whitening hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, as the remaining ingredients are washed safely away by your saliva.

imageIn preparation of an event I helped plan, I tested out the strips to see if my fairly white smile could get some extra sparkle. I drink coffee/tea quite regularly so there’s always room for improvement.

I knew I was off to a good start though when I managed to rip the flimsy strip accidentally when opening the package. It continued further downhill as the strip automatically turned into a gooey mess on my teeth that I had to brush off after it showed no signs of dissolving after 15 minutes. On the plus side, my breath was super minty fresh and the strips felt very light on my teeth once I got used to the feeling, plus they didn’t give me a dorky lisp.

imageIn the end I appreciated the ability to whiten on the go and freshen my breath simultaneously, but the results after a few uses weren’t significant enough for me to see the whole 2 week course through.

I like my smile as  is, and I’ll be sticking with just whitening toothpaste for now.

But if you're into flashing pearly whites and want to give it a try (and who isn't?): check out this site for free samples!


paige said...

eugh! i got these a few months ago from matchstick and they were TERRIBLE. i felt like i was chewing bleach gum. still should blog about how awful it was, i guess..

Michele said...

If those strips of peroxide dissolve in your mouth - that must mean that it's going directly into your gut. That can't be healthy!