Monday, April 7, 2008

Bling Bling, Costume Aint A Thing

With the news of Nicole Richie creating her own line of costume jewelry, it got me thinking about costume pieces in general.

Women adore costume jewelry because it looks elegant and can have the same visual impact as the real thing -  without the matching price tag.

But not all costume jewelry is created equal.

Gorgeous pieces won't always appreciate in value just because they are "vintage" and you're not necessarily guaranteed quality workmanship (depending on where you buy from of course!)


In the case of Chanel, you do get a (much) higher price tag, but many argue that you're paying for two guarantees that make the added expense worthwhile: quality and value.


Chanel's Costume Jewelry is renowned for its intricate details, luxe materials and classic markers, such as the interlocking Cs. It will go up in value over the years and is more than worthy of family heirloom status- not to mention its simply stunning!


I personally am a fan of costume jewelry and I do hope to add some Chanel to my collection one day... a girl can dream, right?


Anonymous said...

who are you kidding? with your parents? im sure you have boatloads.

Jessica Claire said...

oooh drama

I love how "anonymous" magically peered into my jewelry box to determine what my parents buy for me.

Despite the opinion of this person who doesn’t have the balls to say who they are, the tally for costume jewelry worth thousands in my possession is still at ZERO and probably won't increase for a long long time

Yoli said...

I love the lighter pieces. The cuffs are a little too much for me.

Hey girl, why do you even bother answering? Just erase that post fron anon, it is not worth it.

Michele said...

Anon = ballsless, jealous loser. You should be ashamed of yourself for making assumptions about someone you don't even know!! And who even uses the word 'boatloads' anymore - how old are you, like 900? Loser.

whitney said...

yeah you go m-fost!