Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meet Trashy

imageToday is Earth Day!  To honour the occasion, here is a Canadian product that makes going green super easy and dare I say, even kind of stylish!

Trashy handles all your waste and recycling needs in one compact sleek-looking unit - great for those who don't have built in receptacles in their own kitchens.


(1) The top lid slides away for recyclables and compost materials in removable containers

(2) a side drawer holds regular trash destined for the landfill

(4) a lower drawer stores bags


imagethe floating (3) is the quality:

Built my Metrik Studio, Trashy is made from the highest quality materials, including formaldehyde-free MDF board.

It's  finished in catalyzed laquer, which is available in three colours including persimmon, avocado and leather soles. 



Trashy is not cheap -$875 for the large unit and $225 for the small unit -but it's built to last.

It doubles as a compact kitchen island that supports up to 90 pounds and it's goof- proof and kid-proof with rolling castors that lock into place.

The cheaper trashy is a smaller simpler unit made from wheatboard that is ready to be painted.



Trashy can be customized to match different kitchen styles and includes great add-on features, such as a butcher block top. (I love the idea of sliding food scraps right into the green bin! )

You can also finish it in wood veneer, add on a towel bar,  choose a chalkboard front , pick raised castors to elevate the height, and it's even available as an in-cabinet unit!


Check out www.gettrashy.com to see for yourself!

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