Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How's It Hanging: Part 1

imageHanging clusters of art in pleasing arrangements can be tricky.

If done right, they can create major impact and give you the chance to display plenty of your favourite things, if done wrong, it can look nauseatingly disorganized.

Here are some tips and tricks taken from House and Home Maven Lynda Reeve's:

  • Forget about ceiling heights. In general, be more concerned with how hanging items relate to those on the ground and whether you experience a room standing, sitting or lying down.
  • In a living or dining room, where you are most often sidetting down, things will be hung lower and in relation to sofas and tables.
  • In a front hall, where you are most often standing, your goal is to create height and a sense of drama - a promise of what is to come.
  • A picture should sit about eight inches from the top of a mantel to the bottom of the frame.
  • A large piece of art or a grouping of pictures should sit about 10 inches from the bottom of the frame (or frames) to the top of the sofa.
  • A grouping of pictures on a wall above a three-seat sofa would generally be 80 to 86 inches wide and 50 to 54 inches high.
  • You want the grouping to be almost as wide as your sofa, but never wider.

Here are some art arrangements I love:






flow said...

as an art fanatic, i love hanging, standing, sitting art :)

great ideas and great images. i think ppl just don't take the time to really display thier art/photos artistically or don't know how.

MABELLE said...

Ooh- i LOVE this post! Great advice too! So many people love gallery walls but have a really hard time figuring out how to create them so I'm sure this will be helpful :) btw- where's the photo in the middle from, with the hugo guinness paintings? It's gorgeous!

Jessica Claire said...

I couldn't even tell you MABELLE. I put it in my files a few months ago and it has since slipped my mind where it came from- sorry!

Thanks for checking out my blog- I'm a big fan of yours!!!


About Emily... said...

Love your tips! I always have a hard time deciding where to hang pictures

Emily @ Material Girls