Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wake Up and Smell the London Fog


I'm fairly certain it's a Canadian thing, or at least a northern eastern thing, but here in Toronto London Fogs are getting more and more popular as an alternative to morning java.

This hot beverage is a mixture of steamed milk, earl grey tea and vanilla syrup. It's so warm and comforting and the hint of vanilla sweetness and fragrant tea is a nice way to start the day.


I love the mild caffeine boost and gentle flavour, as opposed to dealing with the sharp acidity and nerve jolt of a cup of coffee or shot of espresso. I know many people need that strong hit to get their day started but  for those who can't handle it, a London Fog is a great option.

You can also get adventurous with your London Fogs, for instance one of my friends orders gingerbread syrup and another asks for caramel syrup drizzled on top. Mmmmm

I asked for a London Fog at a Starf*cks in Miami a couple of months ago and the woman looked at me as if I had sprouted six alien heads, so if you're going to ask for one and the server gives you a similar look, ask for "an earl grey tea misto with vanilla."

PPS- how cute is my mom's needlepoint?


carly said...

um that's my fave drink, it's also really good with blueberry tea

amy korngiebel said...

i've never heard of such a drink. oh how i wish i had known sooner. i'm going to have to make up for lost time. this sounds awesome. delicious!