Friday, April 11, 2008

Park Your Heiny on Some Hide

I'm so drawn to cowhide... I just can't help it! (sorry moo-moo)

These chairs are especially tempting, and unfortunately not cheap. I'm waiting for something like them to pop up on craigslist, but I have a feeling I'll be waiting forever.


Pair of 1970s Chrome Tubular Sling Chairs newly upholstered in cowhide, $3,200


Room & Board Pierre Chair in Natural Cowhide, $699


 Cowhide Deco Chairs, $4,800




Italian Armchairs, circa 1950 (price n/a)


I could totally see any of these options sitting right at home in this eclectic pad from Elle Decor. Clearly this decorator has no ethical issue with animal products (he-llooooo antlers!)

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