Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beauty is My Business: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

Smokey Eye. Cat eye. Natural - when it comes to doing your eye make up, there are so many looks you can go for.

Key to executing each look though, is eyeliner.


Whether used blatantly for impact a la Amy Winehouse or spotted on sparingly between the lashes to define your peepers, eye liner is a tool every woman should be able to wield.

Most women use pencil liners but I find them limiting when it comes to the sleek liquid-esque look.



Unfortunately most liquid liners are extremely difficult to master. The few times I experimented I ended up with a runny mess that was the total opposite of my intended precise line.




That's where Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner comes in. It is so versatile, comes in stunning shades, and it's really all you need to create the coveted edgy smokey eye.


The gel consistency allows for super easy blending and layering, and with the variety of shades you can create multiple looks.


Go punk rock with saphire blue or ivy green ringed around your eyes, or be more demure with black plumb ink (my favourite neutral shade)  bordering your top lashes in a thin line.

For cat eyes, dip your brush liberally into the pot for an inky smooth line that extends beyond the outer corner, or to smoke it out, simply apply a thick line and blend out onto your lid.

266 Small Angle BrushI don't love the brush that Bobbi Brown sells alongside the product as I prefer to have an angled brush to work with. I find it easier to trace my lash line with (but that's just me). I use MAC's small angle brush #266.

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