Friday, February 29, 2008

Posting About Posters

I have been fascinated by vintage posters ever since I first caught sight of a stunning massive French version in a family friend's Miami apartment.

The diverse colour palette contained shades both bright and pastel and the stunning hues were shaded together to create an illustrated image of an exotic land far away.


With my newfound love for design and decor, my fondness for vintage posters has come back in a big way. Thankfully I stumbled upon I Desire Vintage Posters, which luckily is based out of Toronto! Owned by Valerie and Jim Clark, , the website is easy to browse and Valerie is quite speedy with responding to e-mail inquiries.

Check it out if you are looking to add a shot of colour and personality to your own space!

Better yet, choose a destination that means something to you for a personally significant piece of art that you'll love forever and ever!

Here are some of my favourite ones:

Chargeurs Reunis, c.1948 Albert Brenet (23 3/4"x15 3/4")

Bermuda, c.1950, Anonymous (38" x 24")

Nice La Colmiane c 1950, Prandomi 39 1/2" x 24 3/4"

Cote d'Azur Varoise c.1910, B.Morera 39"x24"

Vintage French Poster

Menton 1935, Charles Beglia 39"x 24"

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emily@designsmack said...

Great find! I may be tempted to check it out.