Monday, February 11, 2008

Cow Hides

According to Domino, zebra rugs are super trendy.

Trendy can be fun, but when it comes to outfitting your home, I don't think it's such a bad thing to stray from the pack and do your own thing. For me that meant looking to Northern Ontario, rather than the safari.

A traditional black and white cow hide has the same graphic punch as zebra, but it's a little more rustic and less contemporary than it's jungle-cousin.




The varied pattern of the animal gives each hide its own unique character.

Some hides have the animal's brand etched into the skin but that's a little too much for me- I prefer clean black and white and not to be reminded that it was a living thing.






I have one in my bedroom to warm up the cold attic space and ground my bed on the weathered hardwood.


I got my hide at ELTE, an amazing design showroom here in Toronto.




I also have the cowhide IKEA pouf in my room. (Cow hide at IKEA? I know, I was surprised too!)


When I undress my bed it's where I place my beloved decorative pillows and shams.



I justified my cowhide purchases by figuring that once I move into my own place I will use the rug and the pouf in my living room.

PS- Choosing to use a hide in a design scheme can be an ethical dilemma for animal lovers like me, especially considering I grew up with cows as my favourite animal. I do eat meat though and wear leather, so I figured "why not?" and my conscience took a back seat to my attraction to the skin. Sorry PETA!


SGM said...

Is that really your bedroom?! It's amazing! Holy SMOKES, you are going on my blogroll. said...

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Anonymous said...

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