Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boston Terrier Obsession

My Great Dane Leya

I may have three dogs right now, one of which I adore to death (a Great Dane), two of which I don't really care for because they're evil  (dachshunds), but neither can distract me from the fact that I am obsessed with Boston Terriers.


Bostons are so cute with their graphic black and white markings and their funny snouts. They are a perfect size - not too big, not too small- and I feel like we'd make a lovely pair going for a walk in my mackage leather jacket and Michael Kors flat boots.


Besides the superficial aesthetic image, I think Bostons have a world of personality that I'd love to inject into my future  home. They're so upbeat and comical and I can totally see us chilling on a couch and snuggling.


This is Milo. I got to hug and squeeze him at a Boston Terrier of Toronto Meet Up this past summer. It was so fun but Leya the Great Dane was a little jealous of all the attention I was giving him, haha

I've happily discovered that there are some fun artistic representation of Boston Terriers on Etsy. Below are some of my finds (click on them to be directed to the sellers)

                             boston print

                          boston terrier print 


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flow said...

oh i love great danes!!! i wish i had 3 dogs as well :)