Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Miami Condo Pics

I have returned from the blue skies and sunshine of Miami to the biting windy frost that is Toronto. Ew.


But I did bring back some lovely photos of the family condo to share with you!  The space was designed by Richard Nemec from Environ 4-5 years ago and he did a fabulous job of creating a modern oasis for us cold-hating Canucks!


Here is our entryway by the elevator.


French doors open to the hallway and living room.


The living room.


Another living room view.


The dining area.


The fixture is one of my favourite features of the condo!


A view of the den that doubles as my bedroom.


Fabulous built-ins in the den include a queen-size murphy bed that is too comfy for words and display shelves that house some interesting vignettes.


One vignette I do not enjoy is the one on the glass coffee table- the mask faces my bed and scares the crap out of me.


My sisters' messy bedroom. Who thought bunk beds could be so chic?


Their bedroom has a great built-in desk that houses the computer, a smaller flatscreen TV, ample drawers and storage.


My parents' fab bed...so glam.


More built-ins and a lovely reading spot.


An oversize mirror anchors the end of the hallway with one of Andrea Marcus' paintings providing nice contrast to the dark wood.



Obviously I have omitted other rooms and fun features but I got lazy with my picture-taking this weekend while on vacay. Sorry!

If you want to see more, Environ posted much nicer professional shots on their portfolio on their website.

Check out their other nice spaces while you're there!




myxnmingle said...

I LOVE this condo! It's so chic yet classic. I just have to say it again - I love love LOVE it!

p.s. I have been obsessing over that very light fixture above the table for months now. I think I may have to just go ahead and buy it.

Jessica Claire said...

Thanks for the compliments!

The fixture is from Holly Hunt but I believe Restoration Hardware did a version as well. I love dimming it when we entertain at night- it looks so nice!

karey m. said...

my girlies need need need those bunks-that-aren't-bunks!

just found you...such a treasure...will return probably too much.