Thursday, February 28, 2008

Glass Rainbows

I stumbled upon a post by Kelly at Design Crush last week and could not resist posting the set of Horchow glasses she blogged about.  Do they not plaster a gigantic smile on your face?




Her fabulous find reminded me of a vibrant set of coloured glass shooters I saw in last x-mas' In Style gift guide.



   Set of 13 hand blown coloured shot glasses by Eastern Accents, $170


I went looking for other coloured glassware. Below are some finds:


top row: fleur-de-lys glasses $32 for 4, brasserie tumblers $36 for 6, fleur-de-lys glasses $32 for 4, Tulip Tumbler $8 each (all are from anthropologie)

bottom row: "Kassie" Drinkware, $29-39, glass stemware $35, "America" & "Mirabeau" Drinkware, $42-62 (all Horchow)

I can totally see my future children fighting over who would get the red glass...

because everyone knows juice tastes better in the red cup

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Anonymous said...

I have a set of this style of glasses and love them...and now they come in colors...yummmmy!