Friday, February 1, 2008


For everyone who resides in warm climates and complains about global warming, I’d like to invite them to take a trip to southern Ontario today and experience a good old-fashioned winter storm.

Working from home today is a lovely treat as the roads are horrible and you couldn’t pay me 100 bucks to get into my car and tackle the several inches of snow and slush. Yuck!

So here I am snapping picks of my newly redecorated room in some bright winter light.

I live in the attic so the shape of the roof dictates how I can arrange the furniture. Obviously the chimney and bay windows are the perfect spot for my bed.

Doesn't it look comfy???

My fur throw is the best- thanks pottery barn!

And I love how gothic the black chandelier looks bathed in the afternoon white light.

I snagged mine at Union Lighting for a great price.

Coco + Kelley
, one of my favourite daily reads, has a great post on black chandeliers. Check it out here and lust over the stunning murano glass options she posted. Just a little out of my price range but I'm happy with the one I have for now :)

happy shoveling!!


coco+kelley said...

your photos look beautiful in that light! i love the way you've done your room. very dramatic, but still very cozy :) thanks for sharing!

flow said...

great room and great images :)

Jessica Claire said...

thanks so much girls!

It means a lot to me :)

David said...

how do you define statement piece?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your comforter?

Jessica Claire said...

I ordered the Missoni shams from Neiman Marcus's website but was lucky enough to stumble upon the duvet cover in the same print on sale at Calypso Home in Miami.

Thanks for visiting!

suzannemarques said...

just saw your room on j'adore decor. beautiful! :)

thought i saw it on designsponge somewhere too? anyway i love missoni bedding! so much fun!

Anonymous said...

beautiful room! great use of space.
Love your bed, would like to know where you got it?

Jessica Claire said...

Thanks so much!
Benarch19, the bed is actually over 10 years old from a store called Iron Age on eglinton west in Toronto.

I've had it since I was 11 and I'll be 24 in December so I'd imagine it's not available anymore. Iron Age closed down for a bit but I do know it recently reopened so it's worth exploring if you're up for a hunt!

Thanks for the great feed back :)


Beautiful room. Could you share the brand and colour name of the paint you used on the walls and trim?


Jessica Claire said...

Hi kodachrome,

The paint brand is Selectone, a Canadian owned and run family business.

The wall colour was custom blended for me, called creamy white, and I think the trim is just a basic white, but it's best to check out the chips for yourself to see the closest match.

Anonymous said...

That chandelier is amazing. What is the model name? I am having a hard time finding something affordable in my area.

Anonymous said...
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