Friday, March 7, 2008

Anticipating Miss Pettigrew

I have been waiting a couple of months for tonight.

What is happening this very Friday night you may ask?

Why Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is making its debut in theatres of course!

This movie seems like it was made for me! From the amazing casting featuring personal favourites such as Almost Famous' Frances McDormand and Pushing Daisies' Lee Pace, to the slapstick-esque retro vibe, to the sumptuous costumes and sets -this movie simply looks beyond!

imageI am particularly excited to watch Lee Pace play a British musician in the film.

I initially didn't think I would develop such a crush on him while watching Daisies but the trailer shows him in a whole new light...a sexy, scruffy, piano-playing heart-melting kind of light.

Amy Adams is one lucky bitch!


PS- Habitually Chic wrote a great post on the films' sets, which were created by Production Designer Sarah Greenwood, the same designer who worked on Atonement. They look fab!

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