Monday, March 24, 2008

Giving Back

Congrats to Dave, my significant other who raised $130,000 for the impoverished community of Kiryat Moshe in Israel with his second annual charity basketball tournament, Hoops 4 Israel.


Last year Hoops 4 Israel succeeded all expectations by raising enough money to fund the building of an outdoor sports court that has completely transformed the spirit of the community of Ethiopian immigrants.




Proceeds from the first project also sponsored: a youth soccer team, a youth track team, a performing arts program, a computer comprehension program and a cognitive skills education program.

These programs ensure the youth of Kiryat Moshe will be steered on the right track with creative and positive outlets to support their development. Instead of turning to drugs and gangs, they can become strong contributing members of Israeli society.

imageLast summer Dave and I visited the court he built together. We did some hands on work, helping paint the community centre and we also spent time with the kids.


This year he raised even more money to continue to support the struggling community. I'm so proud of him for taking the initiative and giving back. Mazel Tov Dave!!!

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kay* said...

that's incredible! so inspiring. i've wanted to start a non-profit for a while but just haven't done it...this is making me think I should just do it!