Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Semi-Charmed Condo

March's Style At Home featured a lovely spread on Cityline expert Lynn Spence's condo. (For you non-Canucks, Cityline is a daytime lifestyle show filmed here in Toronto)  This spread is a good example of sprucing up a temporary space on a budget and without structural changes.


I of course was immediately drawn to the cowhide in Lynn's dining area, which was featured on the cover of the mag. I love the painted console and the elegant look of the chairs.

Fun fact: the chairs were from Wal-Mart but Lynn had them recovered in linen to up the class factor.


Lot's of artwork, pottery and books inject a sense of uniform style to the space, which lacks any special finishes. The standard parquet floors and minimal molding are dressed up with area rugs and interesting accessories - a good tip for those who are renting or don't want to spend on installing extra building features.


Lynne added personal touches to give the otherwise non-descript kitchen some life. The lack of fancy countertops and backsplash are not as noticeable with cute kitchen accessories, flowers and  framed artwork.


I love the inviting warm neutral tones of the bedroom. I am a sucker for traditional poufy beds that you look forward to sinking into at the end of the day. Flat and low has never been for me; bring on the height and layers!

The interplay of textures in the linens and the unique trimmed lamps are lovely but I could probably do without the starburst mirror and chandelier.


A large linen cabinet also sits in the bedroom. I like how the box with the bows can store things discreetly while the glass panels on the doors lessens the visual impact of such a large piece in such a small space.

And there are some stylish stacked boxes featured in the vignette on top. Gotta love those boxes!


The unremarkable bathroom is made more attractive with graphic black and white accessories, such as an antique stool, a black vase with a long-lasting orchid and framed abstract art. All of these are easy to replicate on your own and won't dig deep into your pockets.


flow said...

Taking old or cheaper furniture and reupholstering is a great way to jazz them up!

Great article and great images :)

emily@designsmack said...

I liked this one too. I have a friend who works for the magazine and she was surprised this was Spence's taste, and I agreed. having watched Cityline, I thought she'd be a little more eclectic. I love how she has symmetrically arranged everything. Cool post!

About Lauren... said...

I am a sucker for symmetrical wall groupings, and I especially love how she made her not so special kitchen look a lot better. Great pictures!

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condo in Philippines said...

I will just have to live vicariously through you and your wonderful photos.

Paula M

condo in Philippines said...

Hi it's me again, I just can't get over with this post because it really inspire me, I want to have a condo like that someday. Seems really nice to live with.