Monday, March 31, 2008

No Shrinking Violets!

Purple is one of my favourite colours. It's so commanding, yet has a soft feminine side to it as well. Despite my love of the regal hue, I always thought that purple furniture was probably not a wise investment. But after seeing plenty of interiors with occasional chairs in vibrant hues, I have changed my mind. When it comes time to decorate my own pad I am going to take the purple plunge!

Some searching on 1st Dibs yielded these beauties


Maison Charles chairs upholstered in new purple suede (1965), $4,431

English library chair made of mahogany with plush purple velvet circa 1900 ,$2,200


1930s Purple Child's Chair from France, $2,500


19th Century English Armchairs by Howard & Sons reupholstered in violet linen with white piping, $12,762



The armchairs would play perfectly off of the purple accents in this room...


Michele said...

12 thousand dollars for arm chairs??? Even if they're from the 19th century I wouldn't pay that much unless the Queen herself sat her precious butt on them. And even then I still have reservations. I'd rather buy a whole new wardrobe or pay for an entire master's degree!!!

And over 4 grand for the first ones? I'm not okay!

Alkemie said...

Love the photo of the living room at the bottom! I LOVE LOVE CHairs!! IT was fun to ogle :)