Thursday, March 6, 2008

DWR in Toronto!!!

Imagine my delight on Monday when I discovered a pretty little striped book on our front hall console with the rest of the mail.

Upon further inspection, I discovered it was a bound Design Within Reach mini-book/catalogue announcing that DWR has opened downtown!

And the cherry on top was a promotional card advertising $100 off the first $1000 purchase!


I'm not really sure how the catalogue ended up in our mail box, but I'm not complaining! My mom and I had fun looking at the interesting modern designs and considering we're embarking on a first floor reno next week it couldn't be better timing! Our home is very traditional but something from DWR may be what we need to spice it up!

To celebrate DWR's Toronto launch, here are my favourite picks that are apparently now available within my Canadian reach:

Cellula Chandelier, $2,340

Murano Glass Chandelier, $2,880

Hudson Counter Stool, $1,525.50

LC4 Chaise Lounge, $2,889



Saarinen Tulip Armchair , $1,476  and Saarinen Dining Table, $3,622


And of course, everyone's favourite:

Louis Ghost Armchair, $410


Fellow Ontarians, read more about DWR's new outpost here.

There is a grand opening event on March 13th but I can't go as I have my own event I am throwing at a cool gallery space in China Town. There's more to come on that later so stay tuned!

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flow said...

i did not know this - thanks for this post! I'm so going to this opening :)