Monday, March 17, 2008

Ladies... Take A Seat

There is something quite ladylike to me about garden seats. The pastel coloured versions with dainty floral motifs and metallic designs are so darn pretty!

I can't help but picture setting my party dress-clad caboose on one of these lovely stools for a rest during a grandiose tea party.

All of the selections above are from Neiman Marcus.

I particularly love the pale blue and gold butterflies garden seat- it would fit in nicely in  Chasie Post's butterfly room!

Row 1: Tiger garden seat, $195Black/white hand painted porcelain, $199, Blue hand crafted porcelain, $195

Row 2: Yellow porcelain with black floral and butterfly design, $499, Golden bronze or charcoal metallic, $185-195, Porcelain with hand painted gold-tone butterflies, $229

Row 3: Turquoise or berry glazed ceramic dragon medallion, $239, Glazed porcelain with hand painted bright pink florals, $199, Handcrafted ceramic black with etched white flowers, $155 

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About Emily... said...

I adore garden seats! I have even seen some inexpensive ones at Target. I want to buy one but am scared they are so trendy now and wonder if they will continue to stay in style-oh well I love them anyways and might have to get at least ONE!