Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Office in the Attic

As I know all too well, utilizing an attic space can be tricky when dealing with the sloped walls. Tall storage units are out of the question, and an emphasis on height makes furniture shopping a tricky endeavor. These restrictions can be an extra pain in the ass when it comes to putting together a functional home office.

To help my fellow attic-dwellers out there, here are some examples that offer some inspiration for those forced to cope with the slope!

clearchair4clearchair4This black and yellow number from Kemble Interiors packs quite a visual punch! The striped feature wall has a nice airy window to break the lines up so it's not too harsh. The low shelving with black and white accessories makes it functional.

Sarah RichardsonSarah RichardsonThis sunny spot from Room Service has white-washed wood floors that contrast nicely with the exposed brick. A low wall of shelves makes it organized and vintage office furniture and efficient task lighting adds both form and function! I especially love the white couch that you could lounge on for a work break or cat nap.


This home office from House & Home's March issue is stunning! Custom built-ins are pricey but look at the storage you can squeeze out of the tiny space!







I'm loving the little nook where the desk is tucked away. Precious!


Sarah RichardsonThis other space from Room Service is more of a lounge, but there is still a vanity that could be used as a desk. A large bookshelf is home to books wrapped in unifying fine paper and the soothing palette of pale green, white and gold is so decadent and calming. I'd love to work there any day! Rather I'd like to nap on that couch...

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