Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tickled Green By Terrariums

Ever since Creature Comforts posted about Terrariums last October, I have been increasingly enthused about making one of my own.

nature contained

For those scratching their heads, a terrarium is a container where living plants (and sometimes animals) are kept for display. These miniature self-sufficient environments do not require a lot of light and moisture so they are easy to maintain.

under the sea

The plants that do best in terrariums are: small ferns, mosses, bromeliads and earth stars, so if you do it right, you can end up with gorgeous displays like the ones above.

imageMaking a terrarium is a great craft to do with little ones. What kid doesn't like playing with dirt?!?

Cookie magazine and National Geographic Kids have great tutorials that are fool proof for kids and adults alike.

I love how they suggest adding in small objects to personalize them, like the dinosaur. How imaginative!

I love the idea of having something living in my room (besides me and miss miu the kitty) and my stunning orchid/moss pot will not live forever and the small single cacti on my display shelf isn't entirely cutting it, so I think I'll give it a shot!

(images from cookie magazine)


Anonymous said...

I like the pieces you make! The dinos are the best!

I am in love with terrariums too, and have been making paintings about them...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful terrariums. I always include a TickleMe Plant in mine!

Its the only plant in my terrarium that will close its leaves and lower its branches when I ticke it.
I grow terrariums with my students who love their TickleMe Plants