Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well That's a Chair of a Different Colour!

When I think of dining rooms, I picture wooden paneling, stuffy curtains and uncomfortable chairs.

Luckily, some designers are fusing fun with formal to create proper dining spaces that maintain a sense of playfulness. They're elegant enough to host a sit down dinner party, but they have enough colour and vitality to invite a more casual meal as well.

I think that unique chairs upholstered in vibrant hues are the perfect touch for these colourful dining rooms. They scream "sit on me!" instead of muttering "only use me once a month"


Sarah Richardson's Design as seen in June 07's House and Home


Nicky Hilton's Pad, via Alkemie


Maria Menounos' Home via In Style


Las Vegas Home and Design Magazine

Metropolitan Home

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coco+kelley said...

LOVE the pops of aqua in that last room. Stunning!!