Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kelly Grace Revisited

Last week when I posted about the work of Kelly Grace, I was misinformed about the process behind gel-transfers. Apparently what I understood to be a simple process is actually a multi-step craft that requires great skill.


I’m very glad that Kelly contacted me to clarify what a gel transfer is as it is quite interesting. All you art enthusiasts should read on to hear how her lovely works of art are created.


First Kelly does a detailed sketch. She then converts it to toner based ink on paper in a mirror image and it is then transferred onto a wood panel. The next step is a full painted layer (black, white and sepia) using the sketch lines as a guide and then more layers of straight gel medium to create depth. The final step is when the same line work from the sketch gets transferred again.



Kelly usually does her work in editions of 10 but sometimes the two line layers don't line up and she has to paint over them to reuse for another transfer.

If you want to see more of Kelly’s awesome work, check out her site:

PS- I also assumed Kelly Grace was a stage-name…but it’s legit!

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flow said...

i love these, very charasmatic!