Friday, May 23, 2008

Am I Coming In Clear?

Take it from  Madge  in this 2005 Versace ad :

You want some lucite and acrylic furniture in your home. In huge doses it borders on tacky, but in the right context, adding a touch of the hard clear stuff is a great way to add some retro playfulness to your design scheme.


Lucite and acrylic are especially great for small spaces as they don't take up a lot of visual room. The clear pieces dissolve into the atmosphere, allowing you to focus on other design elements in the room. The unobstructed view gives the impression of openness while still providing function and style.


Here are my own clear picks:

Boutique Ottoman

Aaron R Thomas Boutique Ottoman, $1,250.00


Louis Ghost Armchair

Louis Ghost Armchair, $410.00


Trunk, $295 



Crenelle Lucite Desk by Craig Van Den Brulle

Click here for larger image

Helena Rubenstein Chair, $3,200

Fancy Bench, $145


Lucite Side Table


Acrylic Nesting Tables

Aaron R Thomas Acrylic Nesting Tables, $385.00

Charles Ghost Counter Stool

Charles Ghost Counter Stool, $253.00 - $280.00


Click here for larger image

French Bench XL, $2,250


Lucite Vanity Chair in Platinum Fabric ca. 1955, $2,200



Karim Rashid Magino Side Table, $473 


Jordan Capella Side Table, $1,110


(Madonna ad via Apartment Therapy and Zebra carpet and buddha ottoman photos via Desire to Inspire)




Anne said...

Thanks Jessica! Glad you like our (Aaron R Thomas) work! We did Madge's Acrylic in the Versace Ad, too. (+BTW: I'm originally from New Orleans and quite familiar with the Pat O's Hurricane. Infamous! your "light" version sounds delicious. Maybe you should call it the Squall.

Lauren said...

Love it all! Only Versace could pull that off, but it looks fabulous!

Unknown said...


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