Thursday, May 1, 2008

GAP Adventures

I must say I'm really impressed with the spring offerings at the GAP. With my pygmy legs, I usually stay away from the all-American retailer that is more suiting to tall peeps -- but upon suggestions from a couple of friends I went in to check out the cotton t's.

When I went in to see for myself, not only did I like a couple of T-shirts, but I also found some tops and shorts with funkier silhouettes I'd expect to find at American Apparel or Urban.

Here are some of my fave picks:


Striped sweatshirt top, $34.50, Denim sailor bermuda shorts, $44.50, Tie-waist tank, $29.50


Leather flip-flops, $24.50, Plaid scarf $44.50, Nubby Canvas Tote $24.50,


Sunkissed pocket V-neck T, $16.50, Striped shorts, $44.50, Striped tie tank, $34.50


stacy said...

The scarf is super cute.

Gina Louise said...

I miss these type of basic but cute things. Gap in France is completely different and expensive! I thought I knew the company well, since I worked there for a while, but not here...