Monday, May 12, 2008

Sleek and Modern Rosedale Kitchen

image From the outside, this Globe and Mail featured home in Rosedale, an upscale neighbourhood in Toronto, is in line with its heritage-protected aesthetic, but inside it's anything but.

Architect John O'Connor of Basis Design Build gutted the traditional home and designed a thoroughly modern space, including this sleek kitchen.


White walls, stone floors and deeply-stained walnut doors create a unified look that screams modern, but retains some warmth. I love the stainless appliances and backsplash which matches perfectly with the stools.


While super modern is not my favourite look for a kitchen, I think if you're going to go modern than this is the way to go!

(Images via Globe and Mail)


i'm not really a diva said...

though i'm not a fan of ultra modern either, i LOVE this kitchen. I love dark wood.

Alkemie said...

that is indeed an ultra sleek kitchen! Very nice.