Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Attention Music Fans: Check Out BlueHaze!


To most music lovers and concertgoer's, staying on top of your live show schedule can be tough. So many shows. So little time. You're over the plethora of spam on myspace, you hate sorting through the e-mail blasts from different bands in your inbox, and pollstar's annoying pop-up is too much too handle.

Enter BlueHaze, a social network for concert fans that lets you:

  • Easily find concerts near you
  • Share photos and read reviews
  • Quickly scan your iTunes library and get tour alerts for your fave artists
  • See what shows your friends are attending
  • Keep track of your personal concert history

There are more features coming soon so if you're big into music and concerts, I recommend you stop by BlueHaze to check it out!


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