Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Cocktail #4: The Paloma

image The Paloma is a Mexican cocktail I found while playing on Martha's Mexican Fiesta ideas section of her site.

The light and fruity drink is a refreshing alternative to the average margarita.

You can use a blanco or resposado tequila and sub in grapefruit juice and splash of club soda instead of fresca.


     The Paloma

  •      1/2 oz lime juice
  •      2 oz resposado or blanco tequila
  •      4 oz grapefruit soda or fresca
  •      lime wedge
  •      Coarse salt, for rim
  1. Rub rim of a highball glass with a lime wedge and twist in a small dish of coarse salt to coat the rim.
  2. Fill glass halfway with ice, lime juice, tequila.
  3. Top with grapefruit soda.


1 comment:

Natsu said...

I hope I get to sample "The Paloma" tonight! I'll be wearing my Sambrero necklace for the occasion.