Thursday, May 29, 2008

Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich

I didn't want to post about this new Canadian development until I had all the facts, aka had at least tried most of them (and even though I'm a pig it still took me a couple of weeks to cover three of the five versions)


I am a breakfast enthusiast, so discovering that I could get some toasted bacon goodness on an English muffin along with my London Fog at my local Bucks was the best news ever! Peppered bacon, blackforest ham and reduced fat turkey bacon - oh my!

Now I'm a huge proponent of real eggs  -- and when I say "real" I mean fresh from the stovetop and not microwaved -- but due to a lack of access to a nearby greasy spoon (and the presence of a vile cafeteria at work), grabbing a breakfast sandwich on the go means relying on this kind of prepackaged fare.

Now we know Starbucks does not have a fully equipped kitchen, so the ready made sandwiches are reheated in an oven so the English muffin toasts nice and crisp and the cheese melts and gets deliciously gooey. I'm most partial to the hearty peppered bacon but not so tasty is the chewy and bland reduced-fat turkey bacon, cholesterol-free egg, reduced-fat white cheddar (ew)

The portion size is decent and they taste pretty good but what makes me not a fan is the insane amount of fat in them: black forest ham has 17 grams, peppered bacon is 19 grams and the reduced-fat turkey bacon is still 11 grams! (Not that I didn't know that pork was bad for you, but that's a lot of artery-clogging for one little sandwich!)

I'll cope though and eat them only as special office morning treats once in a while as opposed to daily indulgences.  Besides, I am a bacon and egg junkie so turning up my nose at any breakfast product is an internal struggle...if I can get my fix once in a while, than I'm gonna take it!

(Image via Serious Eats)


yaelatner said...

I am so happy that you tested this out. I have been tempted but since I am not a huge coffee drinker, it is less frequent that I come face to face with one. Isn't there one with sausage too? Or maybe that is only in the village. I will totally try one now. I'll let you know how it goes.

Jessica Claire said...

There is a sausage one as well but I'm not a fan of patty-style, so I won't be trying it.

My advice is stick to the bacon!